How to select a uniform for your body shape

beauty uniforms for body shapes
We hear so much about choosing party clothes to fit and flatter your body, but we never hear much about how we can dress for our regular 9-5s. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian and your job requires you to wear a booty-huggin’ body-con, that advice can only help us so much. With this in mind, we’ve had a look through our uniform collection and given thought to which pieces are most flattering for each body shape.

Body shapes - a quick guide

While there's lots of talk around what phrases we use when describing body types, the old go-to is fruit - and an hourglass! The four most common descriptions are:

  • Apple - this is for the ladies out there with a chunkier midsection and a wide bust.
  • Pear - wider hips and a slimmer top section makes up the pear.
  • Banana - long and lean.
  • Hourglass - the 'Marilyn Munroe' symmetrical shape, with a curvy bust and hips.  

Beauty tunics for apple-shape

This is probably the most common body shape, with women tending to carry more weight on the mid-section. A flattering style for people with this body shape is something that will cinch at the narrowest part of the body, just underneath the bust, and flare over the hips and tummy. Avoid horizontal stripes which will widen the body. Yes, they look great on Gondola sailors and cartoon convicts, but not people with a little bit of curvature going on, I’m afraid. This Chloe tunic has a vertical panel that will draw the eye lengthways, giving the illusion of a more slim figure. This Cara tunic also has a decorative panel on it, but highlights the slimmest part of the body. 

Uniforms for pear-shapes

Just because your body has a pear shape, it doesn’t mean that your uniform choices have to go pear-shaped too! To avoid too much attention being drawn to larger hips, bums and thighs, choose a tunic with decorative detailing or volume on top. This Nikki lace tunic is a really elegant option that will draw the eye to the smallest part of your waist. The Ava tunic and the Amber tunic are both great for balancing out a broader lower-section. And for comfortable and flattering uniform trousers and dresses, look no further than Diamond Designs!

celebrity body shapes

Petite beauty uniforms

The best tip for dressing for petite frames is to pick a style that is also small and simple and that won’t trump your body. The Shannon tunic and Lili tunic are great for the smaller girls of the beauty world. 

Beauty uniforms for those with tall and athletic body shapes

Many girls who have a tall and athletic frame tend to not have as much going on in the hip and chest departments. So if you’re looking for a way to add the illusion of curves, choose uniforms that have decorative panels or stripes that will add softness to your frame. This Jade tunic has collarbone detailing which will give the illusion of a fuller chest. The Ashley tunic and the Belle tunic are both great for broadening the right parts of your body. 


Yes, the cast of Grey's Anatomy might look flawless in their scrubs all the time but real-life nurses and doctors know the importance of a durable medical uniform for when the day gets tough! Pair the medical scub top with the matching scrub trousers in navy, sky, or white and you'll be ready to take on the day, no matter what it brings! 

What a man, what a man...

While our male wear range isn't quite as broad as our products for women, it's still got everything you need to get you ready and prepared for a busy day. The classic male tunic is a must-have while the new male tunic adds a modern twist with its collar and broad chest. 

Uniforms for pregnant women

As if you need to be told, pregnancy is a time for comfort and practicality. Heaven knows you don’t get much of it anymore! You need something that will grow as your bump does. This maternity beauty tunic is expandable and breathable, making it easier for you to enjoy your time as a working momma-to-be.

Browse our full collection of beauty uniforms here. We’ve got tons of flattering styles that will keep you and your team looking stylish and professional. And check us out on Facebook and Twitter for all our latest news.

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