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Medical Scrub Top

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Medical Scrub Top You Must Have

As a therapist, paramedic, or medical professional, there will definitely be no dearth of medical scrubs in your wardrobe. So why should you add another piece to your wardrobe?  We'd list the following reasons in favour of this medical scrub from Diamond Designs

. Comfort, practicality, style, and companionship for a long long time! Medical scrubs are changing, no longer are they the boring dull wears they used to be in the early days of their introduction. From colours to fashionable designs, these days you can find a variety that suits the preference of the  millennials in the medical field. Catering to the fashion forward sense of the modern day medical and nursing staff, we bring to you our version of the Medical scrub top! Let's find out more about it.

Design & Fabric:

The Medical scrub top is made from a  fabric which is popular for its lightweight quality and durability. It's called the Alba fabric and is practical and well-suited for the medical environment.

This scrub top features a V-neck and coloured piping on the sleeves and the pocket seams. Assuring comfort and convenience, thanks to the breathable fabric it is made of, this medical scrub will keep you feeling relaxed even amidst the nursing home or hospital chaos. Plus, you can choose from four different colour variations such as the classic White, White with Navy piping, Sky with Navy piping, solid navy, and the White Metro style. Enjoy going to work looking crisp and dandy  in our version of the Medical scrub top!



  • Length: Standard



  • Sizes Available: XSM – XLRG



Washing Instructions

Preserve the quality and novelty of the uniform by following the instructions below:



  • Wash with like colors at an optimum temperature mentioned or in lukewarm to cold water



  • Do not bleach or boil wash



  • Use a non-biological detergent



  • Turn the top inside out when washing to prevent fading



  • Warm iron if necessary




  • Tumble dry low



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