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Physiotherapy unisex polo shirt

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Physiotherapy White Polo Unisex T-shirt

Physiotherapy uniforms need to be designed for the labour-intensive work / therapies that therapists need to perform. With that guiding thought in our mind, Diamond Designs brings to you the evergreen and ever-comfortable white polo t-shirt which promises therapists a hard-working companion for their hectic schedules. The white Polo t-shirt comes with a logo that reads “Chartered Physiotherapy”. It’s cool, comfy, and extremely easy to spend your demanding work day in.

Design & Features:

The white polo t-shirt features an embroidered logo, contrasting collars, and contrasting colored piping on the sleeves. The t-shirt also features white buttons and a fit which is straight and just how a t-shirt should be. The uniform is also unisex and hence can be ordered for your entire staff of therapists. Diamond Designs works hard to provide medical uniforms and healthcare uniforms for a variety of professionals. Shop more physiotherapy uniforms right here.

  • Sizes Available: XSM – XLRG
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