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Jumpsuit – 'The' Spa Uniform for 2016

The latest from Diamond Designs Uniforms is this super-trendy Jumpsuit that is far from the usual spa blouses or beauty tunics that have become staple wear in the beauty and wellness industry. Even a cursory glance at this marvelous sartorial piece can make you stop in your paths! It's our premium product and part of the exclusive Diamond Design collection. If your salon or spa is a glamor-stricken luxury haven, then this jumpsuit with embellishments in the form of gold zips will be the ideal uniform to have.

Fabric and Features: The Jumpsuit is available in two colors and two fabrics – Black natura stretch and in Green Linen Look. The piece features pockets to the front and back and is adorned with gold zips.




  • Length:



  • Sizes Available:



If you're skeptical of good looking beauty workwear then we assure you that this jumpsuit will prove you wrong. Extremely comfortable and practical, this Jumpsuit, by the very talented designers at DDU , has been created keeping in mind the demands of a spa professional or a beauty personnel.

End your struggles with boring work wear and say yes to a great day at work with this spectacular new look!

Washing Instructions:

Please note that this jumpsuit is available in two fabrics: Natura and Linen Look, both of which require careful handling and washing. Check garment for specific washing instructions. However, keep the general rules for washing in mind for longevity and to ensure that fabric color does not fade.



  • Do not bleach or boil-wash



  • Wash at the optimum temperature mentioned or in lukewarm to cold water



  • Use a non-biological detergent



  • Turn the uniform/ tunic inside out when washing to prevent fading.


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